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Your missing link for easy and quick

damage reports.


English / German

To reach a wide range of customers, the app automatically switches to English or German, depending on which language has been set on the device.

WITO - the app for Everyone

WITO can be used flexible and everywhere, whether for private use, companies or  craftsman.

Damages can be recorded easy and quick and even sent as Excel or PDF file to any email address.

Damage reports can be sent by e-mail as an overall view. From the first documentation of the damage up to the finished report of the damage documenation.

Advantages of the WITO-App

There are two main files in the app:

Damage reports is used for a quick and precise damage documentation.

Billing reports is used to document the working hours of your employees and expenses.

This gives you the ability to see all the important project information at a glance.

Furthermore you can use every report with any device that has WITO-App installed.